Waddington is a small country village in the Selwyn District of Canterbury and is just 1km from its sister town, Sheffield.


Waddington was named after William Waddington, who originally bought the land in 1873. The district was part of the Homebush run previously owned by John Deans.

William Waddington laid out the plan for the township, dividing the land into building sections.****

Waddington originally boasted a shop, butcher, church and school.


Only a few of the older houses/buildings remain today:

  • Built in 1875, the former Malvern Public School building is listed as an Historic Place Category 2 and is located at the St John Youth Camp on Waddington Road.*

  • The Old Parsonage, built in 1881 to house the ministers of the Methodist Church, is now privately owned and operates a little museum and a replica chapel set in a delightful cottage garden. To find out more about Country Miniatures and Cottage Garden and its visiting hours, read here...

  • The butcher’s shop, originally run from a graceful old two-storey home, is privately owned and located on the corner of Waddington and Waimakariri Gorge Rds.

Waddington Cemetery

Waddington's cemetery was initially called the East Malvern Cemetery, but in 1880 the trust changed its name to Waddington Cemetery Trust.***

The first burial in Waddington Cemetery took place in 1882, however the earliest gravestone still standing (alone at the back of the cemetery) is dated 1883.**

The oak trees on the site were grown from acorns brought back from Gallipolli by WWI soldiers.


Walk Waddington

Take a stroll around the village of Waddington... 

From Rupert Street, head east on Waddington Rd to the cemetery with its border of oak trees - say hello to Bounce, the donkey, on your way.

As you walk back along the Old West Coast Rd, look out for the local coal train as it takes its heavy load of coal into Christchurch from the West Coast.  Turn right onto Waimakariri Gorge Rd  and cross left onto High Street.

Check out the quirky train station

created by locals on your left and

the Old Parsonage (Country

Miniatures and Cottage Garden) 

on the corner of High and Charles


Turn left onto Waddington Road

and along to Henry St where you

can view the former Malvern Public

School, built in 1875, situated on the St John Youth Camp property.

From here you can continue your walk to Sheffield whilst enjoying views of the Torlesse Mountain range or turn back towards Waddington and the historic two-storeyed house that once housed the local butcher's shop on the corner of the Waddington and Waimakariri Gorge Rds. 

Waddington New Zealand Map.jpg